Blazing Dawn Software's Family-izerTM

INPADOC patent families for multiple patents!

This is Blazing Dawn Software's Family-izer patent family retrieval tool. Great for one patent or hundreds!

Should work in any device that has a browser: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone!

If your list of patents happens to contain many members of a single family, Family-izer provides the full list of family members only once, and then identifies all subsequent patents in that family as being a member. That makes it easy to review a company's patent portfolio by highlighting only the unique patent families that the portfolio contains.

To get more details for a single patent (such as full country names, publication dates and Kind Code explanations), use Family-izerTM Solo.

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Type, drag or paste a list of patents patent preceded by Country Code (without a space) into the field below. For U.S. patents and published applications you can omit the country code. U.S. and Canadian patent numbers can be entered with or without commas (5000000 or 5,000,000; CA2,123,456 or CA2123456). Published application numbers can be entered with or without slashes (US: 20020000001 or 2002/0000001 or US2002/0000001; PCT: WO2004/012345 or WO2004012345), but no letters are permitted other than the country code or the "RE" of U.S. reissue patents. EPO patents and published applications must have seven digits, so add lead zeros for older documents! For example, EP11234 needs to be entered as EP0011234.

Once you have entered your list, click the Family-ize button. The list of patents and/or published applications is first sorted, so the results will be in lowest to highest numbers regardless of their order in the field (patent numbers starting with a letter, e.g., reissue patents, will be retrieved first). As the program progresses, if a patent or published application is already listed in a preceding family, its family will not be repeated. Instead, you will see a result that says that the it is in the same family as _______. The final results will be displayed in a new browser window.

Patent families show up one at a time in the new browser window as the program runs. That allows you to see how Family-izer is progressing through your list of patents. Do not hit the "Back" button on your browser until Family-izer is finished and you see the "Go back to input page" link at the bottom of the list. You may scroll down your browser window as the list gets longer to see the latest results.

Statistical Information
: There is statistical information in the two right-most columns. The first column shows the total number of family members. The second column shows the number of unique countries and/or regions that are in the family.

What's New March 31, 2020: the issue where only one patent family was returned despite the entry of more than one patent in the search field has disappeared. The issue may have come from a problem at the EPO that they have resolved.


Hint: If you highlight and copy the resulting table, you can paste it into a word processing document or spreadsheet.

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